Saturday, April 4, 2015

Avunu 2 Movie Review

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Ravi Babu is back with one more horror thriller film, Avunu 2 Movie Review exclusively at . Lets see if the phenomenal actor-director recreates Avunu magic with this film in Review of Avunu Part 2.
Avunu Part 2 is the sequel of its predecessor which starts with Harsha [Harshavardhan Rane] shifting to a high tech flat along with wife Mohini [Poorna], where they can control almost everything with remote. They travel to Kasi for lord Shiva blessings and meet a Sage, who gifts a sacred thread to Mohini. Harsha and Mohini start living happily till they sense the returning of Captain Raju's spirit. What happens next forms the crux of Avunu Part 2. Watch Avunu 2 in big screens to know if the sacred thread saved Mohini...
Poorna takes the center stage in Avunu Part 2 too. She has convincingly played the role of Mohini. Her expressions brings in lot of depth to this thriller.
Harshavardhan is equally good in his role. His acting skills improved and looks stunning with the toned body.
Ravi Babu at his regular best. Sanjana and Nikitha have their contribution in Avunu 2.
Technical Analysis:
Ravi Babu has to be appreciated for filming a decent thriller and kudos to his knowledge for using the present day technology so convincingly. Predictable screenplay being the only backdrop, Avunu 2 is a neatly presented precise suspense story.
Editing is good with only 100 minutes running time. For a movie that needed good support in the form of background score, Sekhar Chandra's bgm falls flat. Cinematography has nothing much to do but its okay.
A lavish production by Flying Frog and Suresh Productions, visually a good watch.
Avunu 2 offers nothing new to the audiences in the form of story line, but the frames and the characterization are well placed. It will give you a thrilling experience for the technology used.
First half is just about okay, whereas the counterpart is racy that you never feel bored, though is capable of being foretold.
Final Verdict: Engaging thriller - Watchable...




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