Monday, April 6, 2015

Anushka Sharma reportedly has seven lip-lock

Raj Kumar     6:42 PM     No comments

Anushka Sharma reportedly has seven lip-lock scenes with Ranbir Kapoor in her forthcoming film and she also confirmed the same. 

Anushka Sharma is currently in a relationship with Virat Kohli and on the career front too, she is doing well. 

While in Tollywood, heroines in a relationship completely quit films or shy away from intimate scenes when in a relationship or after marriage, in Bollywood, the actresses have no such inhibitions. But Anushka did add that the scenes were part of her profession. 

“Yes, there are seven lip-locks. However, we are professionals and there is nothing personal about these scenes. The script needs them. Period,” said Anushka Sharma. 

Nevertheless, it is still difficult to imagine Ranbir Kapoor in a normal state of mind after getting to kiss the gorgeous Anushka.

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