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Karthi's Komban Movie Review

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Karthi's Komban Movie Review exclusively at . Breaking all the barriers Komban has finally released on 1st April. Lets see if the movie makes it big at the box Office standing best Reviews and talk.
Kombaya Pandian aka Komban [Karthi] is an angry young man who lives by virtues. He is a trouble maker for many, but a helping hand for women, as Komban whacks whoever abuses women or cheats in business. Komban falls for Pazhani [Lakshmi Menon] and they get married with her father Muthaiah's [Rajkiran] permission. Komban doesn't share a good rapport with Muthaiah, which leads to trouble in his family life. Meanwhile, Komban comes to know that the villain gang is in lurch to kill Muthaiah. What happens next? How Komban sort the problems in his married life with Pazhani? Forms the crux of Komban.
Karthi once again proves he is the hero of masses and a perfectionist when comes to the roles that are close to nativity. He carried the Komban movie on his shoulders with a well toned physique.
Raj Kiran is the apt choice for Muthaiah role and he has done it with utmost ease.
Lakshmi Menon seems to have been typecasted for such roles. She sleep walks the role in a disinterested way.
Kovai Sarala, Thambi Ramaiah played their roles well and evoked few laughs.
Technical Analysis:
Written and directed by M Muthaiah, Komban is refreshing in its own way, but has nothing new to offer. There are many Tamil films in village milieu and Karthi has done a couple of them.
Screenplay is acceptable, but the characterization could have been better. While Karthi, Muthaiah and Kovai Sarala roles and conversations are close to reality, it is par contradictory with villains.
Velraj's cinematography is good. He brought a fresh look to the rural milieu with a colour tone.
GV Prakash's music and background scores gel with the subject. Songs are well placed.
Praveen KL's editing is good. Pace of the movie is maintained with his cuts.
Director has concentrated on shaping the roles of Karthi and Raj Kiran most of the time. Chemistry between the lead pair is hardly shown. And the reason behind villains aiming to kill Raj Kiran is nor properly discussed. A little more concentration on the scenes invloving Lakshmi Menon would have worked wonders.
On the other side, Komban helps the metropolitans experience the well celebrated customs and traditional rituals of South Tamil Nadu.
On the whole, Komban is a regular mass masala film with necessary commercial elements that hits the chords of masses.
Final Verdict: Commercial Village Fest with flaws...

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