Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Puli Song shot worth 5 Crores massive Set

Raj Kumar     7:09 AM     No comments

Puli is progressing as one of the most expensive films in Vijay's career and the production cost of the  film alone has already exceeded 30 crs with the remuneration of stars and remaining production cost, the film's budget is likely to end up above 70 crs.

Recently the team was at Thalakonam of Andhra Pradesh to shoot the introductory song of Vijay and Devi Sri Prasad had composed the peppy intro number with so much of energy.

The song was shot in a massive set worth 5 crores and it was constructed by art director Muthuraj with the help of 200 carpenters. The song was shot with 100 dancers aroundthe country and it will be one if the opening songs in Vijay's career.

Ultimately we can't help but the fact is that producers spent 5 crs for the five minute intro song of Vijay , great!

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